Our Purpose

Our purpose as an organization is to have a positive influence on the lives of individuals and families by providing well-run, safe, and service-enriched housing to low-income families, seniors, and disabled populations nationwide.

Our Core Values

*Acronym inspired by Maya Angelou’s Still I Rise poem.

  • INTEGRITY: We commit ourselves to honesty and to having high moral principles in all
  • RESPONSIVENESS: We value our working relationships by responding to residents,
    colleagues, and community stakeholders in a timely, thorough, and respectful fashion.
  • IMPROVEMENT: We seek to improve and refine our processes continually by learning from
    our mistakes, measuring our progress, and systematically gathering the data and information
    necessary to improve our decision-making.
  • SERVICE-ORIENTED: We strive to provide our residents with excellent customer service and
    seek to enhance the resident experience by offering supportive services, community linkages,
    and other resources to enable households to achieve career mobility and physical and mental
  • EMPOWERMENT: We take the steps necessary to provide our employees and residents with
    the tools and resources needed for success.